The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chapter 2788

Chapter 2788

Chapter 2788 “Why haven't you hit the gym today? You always used to preach about ‘not a day without training’.” Nolan’s eyes were glued to the file as Dahlia stood in front of him, chirping away about the movie they had just seen together.

In truth, Nolan had completely tuned out the film. Throughout the two hours in the cinema, he had been enveloped in an inexplicable irritation, though he never let it show on his face.

“You're right, but I’m human too, you know. Sometimes | just need a cheat day. And what’s with you shooing me away today? Got a hot date with your girlfriend or something?”novelbin

Dahlia teased with a grin, but Nolan didn’t answer.

The next moment caught them both off guard as Lucy’s voice came through the office landline, “Mr. Harris, Ms. Tanner is waiting for you in the lounge.”

Dahlia’s face soured instantly, and Nolan’s fingers paused. “I'll be right there. Go ahead, I’ve got this.” “Sure thing.”

Dahlia couldn’t keep the smile on her face any longer. “Ms. Tanner, is she the reporter who interviewed me? Why is she here looking for you?”

“Well, you said it yourself, she’s a reporter. It must be something about an interview. Why. don’t you head back first, since I’ve got a guest? I'll have the driver take you home.”

Nolan stood up, clearly ready to usher Dahlia out, but she was rooted to the spot. When did they start communicating so closely? She hadn't even finished digging into Regina’s identity, and here they were, meeting aga

“What's so urgent that you need to see her? Can't | stay and listen? Since when do you d interviews? Or are you doing it because it’s Regina, just like me?”

Dahlia’s voice dripped with sarcasm. She blocked Nolan’s path as if fearing he would sen her away, “It's not impossible. If you can change your mind, why can’t | try something new?” Dahlia sensed an undertone in Nolan’s words. What are you implying? Nolan, speak plainly!”

Nolan instantly regretted provoking her at such a critical moment. He admitted that his words were partly out of spite, but he was tired of pretending everything was fine after each argument, just like Dahlia did.

Over time, the rift between them would only widen. Especially after all the issues they’d had, he didn’t want to give Dahlia any false hope.

“lm sorry, | shouldn't have said that. You should he back: she'xhereldn bgimess.Cuc / please have Ms. Tanner wait in the lounge. I'll be there shortly.” Visit NovelDrama.Org to read the latest chapter of this novel

He didn’t want to leave Regina hanging.

“Yes, Mr. Harris.”

“Hmm, if you’re so eager to be rid of me, | won’t budge. | want to see what’s so important for you two to discuss.” Dahlia crossed her arms defiantly, ready to make a scene.

Nolan sighed, a headache brewing. “Do you have to make ev, rythieg $0) difficult? You kndwwrer that after what happened, we can't go back to what we were. Isn't being friends. just fine?” Visit NovelDrama.Org to read the latest chapter of this novel

“Not fine at all! Nolan, | know I've messed up, and I've apologized. |’ spent these yBats aDreakavoi ing C Seting you unless absolutely necessary as my own punishment. Isn't that enough?” Visit NovelDrama.Org to read the latest chapter of this novel

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