Wife by Day, Boss by Night by Thalia Quillspeak

Chapter 228

Chapter 228

Chapter 228 At dusk, Bagot handed over the paperwork again, prompting Natalie to add her signature.

As Natalie’s pen hovered over the page, Brian was busy at the counter, chopping bell peppers and tomatoes for the evening’s meal.

The aroma of the fresh ingredients tickled her nose as she read the final clause in the document, stating that all of Brian’s real estate holdings, including the grandeur of Majestic Meadows Manor, would be transferred into her name.

After signing, she paused and turned to him, asking, “So, where else do you own property?”

With a mischievous grin playing at the corners of his mouth, Brian tossed the veggies into the pan and began to sauté them. “I’m afraid | might scare you,” he teased.

Natalie fixed him with a persistent gaze, waiting for his answer. “Guess I'll have to count on you from now on.” Brian shot her a glance, his eyes crinkling with humor.

Before they had made it official at the courthouse, aside from his shares in the Howard family business, he’d transferred all his real estate assets to her to ensure she'd feel secure by his side.novelbin

Natalie’s curiosity intensified.

“Not too many. A handful of properties back home and a few overseas,” Brian said casually as he expertly stirred the pan, the tomatoes simmering into a rich sauce. He turned off the stove. By the side, Bagot couldn’t help but shoot Brian a look, finding it hard to believe that Mr. Howard had mentioned billions in real estate with such casual ease.

Brian had intended to surprise Natalie with gifts beyond her expectations, like the island he’d bought for their son before his birth as a present. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a chance to tell her about it because of unexpected events.

Development on the island was half complete, and with the additional investments Brian had poured in, its value had skyrocketed to billions. Once Natalie signed, that would be hers, too. She would discover all in good time.

Natalie mentally calculated the worth of each property, estimating the total value to be in the billions. It was not quite as staggering as his shareholdings but substantial nonetheless.

“Signatures done. Time to eat,” Brian said, glancing at the papers. Natalie had promised to sign the contract after he nudged her a few times, and she had finally put her name down.

Brian quickly handed the folder back to Bagot, eager to seal the deal before she could change her mind, and turned to Natalie. “Weren't you going to pan-sear the steak in red wine yourself?”

12:02 Chapter 228 Having perfected the steak to Nina’s liking after countless attempts, it was one of the few dishes Natalie had truly mastered.

Sensing a hint of skepticism about her cooking skills from Brian, Natalie stood up and approached the kitchen, patting the marinated steak as she mumbled to herself, “Yeah, this should do.”

Brian leaned against the counter with a slight grin, watching her somewhat clumsy attempt to start cooking. Natalie washed her hands and dropped a knob of butter into the pan, then carefully laid the steak in it.

About fifteen seconds in, some water droplets from her hand splashed into the hot oil, causing it to pop loudly. “Yikes!” she instinctively jerked her hand back.

Before she could check for burns, Brian had already grabbed her wrist with a frown, examining it closely.

“It's okay,” she said unconcernedly.

“You can be quite the klutz,” Brian

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Some people were not cut out for cooking, and Natalie was one oir them. Hav pauia bhe O expected to mariage in the kitchen if she couldn't even look after herself? The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

“| just started learning late, didn’t 1?” Natalie murmured in defense, unable to hide her slight irritation.

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