Wait, She’s a Billionaire by Ms. Shadow

Chapter 940

Chapter 940

Chapter 940 Elliot stared at him, his tone icy and cruel.

“If you can’t last these thirty minutes, it means your body has become too weak. I’ll report it and request to send you back to the training camp for a three-month refresher. Also, with you gone, the position of deputy chief will be vacant, and | intend to promote Lionel as a temporary sub. What do you think?”

Though he said it was just temporary, Romello knew that there was basically no chance of reclaiming his position once Lionel took over.

Romello’s spine stiffened, his dry lips biting into a row of blood marks, as he fought to steady his trembling arms. “Mr. Jenkins, those arrangements may be unnecessary. | can endure.”

Elliot sneered.

“Good to know.”

For Elliot, this half-hour passed quickly as he attended to his duties.

However, for Romello who was in a headstand, every minute felt like an eternity, his mind consumed by nothing but pain and endurance.

After half an hour, the timer rang, and it also signaled the end of working hours.

Romello grunted, relieved, collapsing onto the ground, too exhausted to stand. Even hist eyelashes were wet from his sweat, fluttering slightly.

He was too drained to open his eyes.

Elliot had just finished reviewing the last document with a red pen.

He turned off the heater and slowly approached Romello’s feet.

“You barely passed. Before you leave, remember to clean up the floor.” Romello mustered his strength, mumbling weakly, “Mr. Jenkins, can I...”

Elliot seemed to anticipate his request and cut him off decisively. “No. But if you don’t mind everyone in the bureau knowing you were punished in my office today, feel free to call someone to clean up.


“Can't stand up? Well, your knees can still move. | won't let anyone disturb you. It’s up to Chapter 44.

you to salvage that last bit of dignity.

His cold gaze lingered on Romello’s pitiful state on the ground, showing no hint of mercy.


With his affirmation, Elliot donned his military uniform and headed toward the door.

Just a few steps out, he turned back to add one final threat, “Regarding Phoebe’s captivity, you better not have laid a hand on her. Otherwise, | won’t be lenient.”

Romello’s lashes trembled, but he did not respond.

Elliot scoffed and gracefully left the office.

Once he was gone, Romello opened his eyes with great effort.

Once again, he stared at the metal plaque on the desk that read ‘Chief’, clenching his fists.

The hatred surging in his heart could no longer be concealed. However, he quickly got up from the floor after a bit of rest.

His legs were too tired to stand, so he could only move his knees little

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After that, Romello called his trusted subordinates, instructing them t carry him back fo tig dice Men, he tgok a. A Wer, changed into clean clothes, and returned to the Nicholls residence. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

When Elliot returned to E&S Haven, he found the house bustling.


Howard, Lionel, and Jacintha were all seated on the sofa, ilent with mM

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He walked straight over and sat down next to Sheena.

Without caring if anyone was nearby, he slid his hand around Sheena’s waist, wanting to

embrace her.

Sheena quickly patted his hand, whispering seriously, “What are you doing? Everyone is watching.” Even so, Elliot did not let go.

Instead, he tightened his grip around her slender waist, and he sig

you all day. It’s been tough.”

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