The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya

Chapter 203

Chapter 203

203 Griffin

There has hardly been enough time for me to show Ayla how crazy | still am about her. How attracted | still am to her, and will be to the day | die. We had been so busy and the stress of it all had caused a few arguments between us. When | kissed her stomach | meant to reassure her. | just could not help swirling my tongue over her stomach. That really was getting a little less toned. Just as | could not stop myself from getting hard from being so close to her. Because of the feel of her soft skin against my tongue and lips. And above all the smell of her arousal mixing with mine.novelbin

| tried to be the wise one even when she knelt down in front of me. | was lost at the first touch of her tongue. | could no longer remember why we needed to hurry. It’s been so long since we were able to touch each other like this. It was like | was starved and she was offering me a buffet. She was moaning with me, every moan vibrating against my

Co ck and like this, | would come in no time. Her getting turned on by the fact she was pleasuring me was exhilarating. It made me want her more, want to feel more of her wrapped around her co ck than just her p ussy. And then she wobbles slightly. Causing me to pull her hair harder but | knew she would only like that more.

When | saw she slipped her hand inside her jeans, touching herself. Because she could no longer contain it, because she was as desperate for her release just from giving me a bl ow job was the last push. | didn’t care about being late anymore. | needed to be inside of her again. | rushed her out of her jeans not because | still realized | was in a hurry to go somewhere. No, because her needy whines that she wanted me, needed



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me, telling me that | needed her. Made me hurry to give her what she wanted. All | need is to be inside of her. To be buried so deep inside of her that it would be impossible to tell which body belonged to her and which body belonged to mine.

She was so eager, taking all of me at once, all | could do was grab her. hips. Hold her like | was guiding her when in reality | was holding on to a Goddess. When | pinched her nipple | felt her pu ssy contract around my c ock. Feeling her org asm will always be the biggest turn-on for me. And it now was the final straw, the reason my org asm followed her. | grew hard again before we even had time to catch our breath. This time | got up to jump under a short cold shower. When | was getting dressed again so did Ayla. Neither of us liked running late.

and they would never 0 But being late to pick up your parents or parents-in-law because we were too busy having sex on the floor of our walki

closet would be a little closet v too awkward. It’s not like we would tell them, know where exactly we did have our fun. If we had not showered they would have just been able to smell the sex on our bodies. As would my parents would join us to the airport because we would now have a family lunch at a nice restaurant.

| had Dillion and Colin go there ahead of me so that they could prepare the surprise | had for Ayla. A surprise | would give her during lunch, one to thank her for all that she has done for me. All that she is continuing to do. A much-needed sign of my appreciation. Not that she feels taken for granted | know she doesn’t she just deserves all the praise and all the love. | had been planning this surprise for a long time. | planned to give it to her in a few weeks. When she told me of her plans for this afternoon, yesterday | knew it would be the perfect moment.

As in a perfect moment to give her the surprise. The suddenness of the 27.14%


203 Griff

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plans and the fact it would not be on pack ground made it a lot more difficult though. Luckily enough both Ayla and | considered Gerald, Jessa, Dillion, and Collin na ily 198, Ayla even a dynedt ne 1S invite Techies Oe Now only had she grown fond of him. My future Beta and Gemma would be present. As would my cousin, Ayla’s sister-in-law, and Beta Krystel with Dan. Dean who was already struggling with not having found his mate yet, and the possibility of him needing to stop as the Gemma. When it was the position he not only loved but was thriving in. Would be the only one left out. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

He was a nice guy and | was surprised when Ayla told me he had confessed to her his attraction to me. She believed him, still | agreed that he stopped checking Wa ut th ne rae moment he,kgew | He ound my

''tnate. Even when she hadn't ae me yet. His honesty spoke volumes. about his loyalty towards his Luna and Queen, to my mate. He was the perfect Gemma for Ayla, and above all seemed like a great person to be. around. If Ayla considered him close enough to tell him about our pregnancy. To call him a friend after such a short period of time. Then who was | to tell her no? The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

More so because | had an ulterior motive if you could even call it that. It was more of an opportunity that arose. Ayla gave me a kiss that left my head spinning as she walked out of the bathroom. It pulled me from my thoughts and into the present. A present where | would rather not ruin the wonderful morning that we had. And the amazing lunch ahead of us with everyone we loved so much.

Because | was more than excited to tell everyone about the fact that we were expecting our first pup. Mom knew because she went along with the pregnancy test. But other than a whispered congratulation in a hug. We have not spoken about it. When all | wanted to do for these last few weeks has been telling the world how happy Ayla makes me. With being

herself and with the incredible gift she is giving me, giving us. That’s why when she told me what was on my mind | told her it was nothing. That, | was just excited for lunch, it wasn’t even a lie. | was, there were just a lot of other things on my mind. Things that made it hard for me to focus on anything.

Things that made me wonder what Ayla would think if she would know exactly what was on my mind. She wouldn't though, | Yl make Suite

pee AS time for her to know. Not until she was ready to, | was ready to. And with how much time we spent making love she didn’ t have the time to question me on it further. Which was a good thing because | could tell from her face that she was not sure if she would The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

believe me or not.

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