The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart

Chapter 935

Chapter 935

Chapter 935

“Sure thing.”

After a hearty meal of roast chicken and mashed potatoes, Daniel clung to Yuri, so Yuri took him to the study. Saskia watched their retreating figures, biting her lip with a touch of envy.

In the living room, Brittany lay wearily on Isaacs knees, cocooned in his jacket with her eyes closed, resting.

Isaac, ever the gentleman, sat with impeccable posture. His large hand rested on Brittany’s waist, gently caressing it. Saskia brought over two steaming cups of coffee, eager to make conversation.

“Mr. Salter,” she began, trying to sound casual, | heard from my brother that you’re from Imperial City?”

Isaac accepted the coffee but didn’t drink. “That’s right.”

Saskia sat down. “An impressive man like you and Bri make the perfect couple. How long have you been married?” “Coming up on seven years,” Isaac replied truthfully.

They had been married for seven years, but during a five-year hiatus, spanning over nineteen hundred days and nights, he was absent for Brittany’s most crucial moments.

Seven years.

To Saskia, that sounded like the infamous seven-year itch. No man, she mused, especially one as wealthy and powerful as Isaac, could resist straying.

Maybe Brittany's marriage wasn’t as perfect as it seemed, perhaps even on the rocks.

With that thought, Saskia’s jealousy subsided a bit. She kept the conversation circling around Isaac and Brittany, trying to get close to him.

At first, Isaac was patient. But eventually, he grew tired of the charade and interrupted Saskia, “Ms. Lynette, my wife has fallen asleep, I'll take her upstairs.”

With tender care, Isaac lifted Brittany and carried her to the bedroom.novelbin

Left alone, Saskia felt a sting of rejection. Usually, men flocked to her. Despite lowering her defenses and initiating a conversation with Isaac, he remained impervious.

Just then, her phone rang.

It was Ivy.

“Hey, Princess, what’s up?” Saskia answered.

“lm meeting some friends. Want to join?” Ilvy’s background noise suggested she was already at their usual café. “Sure, I'll be right there.”

Saskia hung up, dressed meticulously, and left, satisfied with her appearance.

Upon arriving at the café, Saskia entered and shed her coat. “Sorry, I’m late.”

Always the socialite, Ivy sat at the center of attention, surrounded by her close companions.

Thanks to the Lynette family name, Saskia thrived in high society.

Ivy gestured as she saw Saskia approaching. “Saskia, come sit.’ Saskia slid in beside her.

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Ivy’s eyes twinkled at the mention. “Yes.” Saskia’s curiosity piqued. “You’ve found someone special?”

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“Got a picture?”

“Whose lucky heir has caught our princess's eye?” “Come on, show us!”

The crowd clamored in excitement.

Ivy, unabashed, pulled out her phone. “This guy.”

Out of curiosity, Saskia wakoteuill

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