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Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207

Melody rolled her eyes at the two of them and then saw them off.

After all three of them had left, she brought the clothes upstairs. After

using her true energy to heal herself, she was not in so much pain anymore and was walking normally.

Pushing open the door and entering the room, she saw Nash lying sprawled on the bed. Her face instantly turned red. Had he not been

satiated this morning? Why was he horny again?

Melody stood at the doorway, too hesitant to enter. Nash turned to look at her. He swallowed before saying, “Come in. I’m not going to eat you!”

Only then did Melody enter the room. Nash immediately got out of bed and trotted up to Melody, hugging her tightly and kissing her.

Two hours later, Nash lay back on the bed. Melody was complete drained, her body weak and her gaze flirtatious. She did not even hav the strength to move her fingers. She curled into Nash’s arms and asked weakly, “Didn’t you notice something on my back?”

Nash paused slightly. “Turn around. Let me see.”

Melody turned around with difficulty, revealing her back to Nash. There was a small tattoo on her back. It was about the size of a fingernail. It was blurry and looked like a QR code.

“Did you just get this tattooed?” Nash asked in surprise.

He had not seen any tattoo on her back when the lights were on yesterday.

Melody turned around and looked at Nash, saying, “This is a fragment of the map of Dream City.”

Nash’s eyes widened. “You...”

Melody hugged Nash’s waist, pressing her face against his chest. “It’s

a kind of bloodline tattooing technique belonging to the Young family. It only appears after one connects with someone from the Young


“Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier? I’ve been splitting my head

over this for a long time, you know,” Nash said helplessly.

Melody rolled her eyes at him. “We weren't close at the time. Should |

just blindly trust you and give myself to you?”

Nash pinched Melody’s chin and kissed her. “What about now? A you so confident in giving yourself to me now?” “Yeah, because I've fallen in love with you,” she said, wrapping her

arms around Nash’s neck. Her breaths were sweet.

Nash kissed her again, and they had another passionate encounter.

At two in the afternoon, Melody had fallen into a deep sleep. Nash got dressed and went to the airport to pick up Regulus before taking him to the Empire Hotel. To entertain the Mystique Loyalty Realm experts,

Nash had generously booked the entire hotel.

Chapter 1207


At the restaurant of the hotel, Nash and his group were chatting over afternoon tea.

Regulus had maintained an air of superiority throughout the journey there. He was, after all, at the peak of the Mystique Loyalty Realm and the strongest in Motadine.

His demeanor changed when he arrived at the restaurant, however. Among the guests present were three individuals whose strength was comparable to his own. After introductions were made, Regulus

learned their names-Bertram, Ash, and Jaxon.

There was also Eric and Carlos, both formidable individuals. There were quite a few strong individuals in Nash’s circle. Nash held his teacup with a smile and said, “Mr. Lexington and Mr.

Ayne, you've come from afar, and,ve

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Please accept this tea as an apology in place of wine!”

This statement was directed to Carlos. It was indeed inappropriat him to not have greeted the Mystique Loyalty Realm expert who traveled all the way from Capiton.

Carlos, who appeared to be in his 70s and slightly overweight, stoo up and responded with narrowed eyes. “Master Nash, you’re a

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The others could not help the twitch of their lips. The flattery was a bit too much. Nash smiled and replied, “Mr. Lexington, you're too kind. Pleasenovelbin

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Just as Nash was about to discuss matters concerning the Southern Martial Alliance, the hotel manager suddenly arrived with an elderly man with gray hair.

The old man looked apologetic as he said, “Mr. Calcraft, | apologize, but the Warden of the Southern Territory will be hosting a banquet at

the hotel tonight. You'll need to vacate the premises for a while.”

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