I Love You, Miss Genius

Chapter 300

Chapter 300

Chapter 300

Shocked, Jesper hurriedly approached. His old eyes wrinkled and turned increasingly red, his hands trembling incessantly.

"The restrained color, the perfect texture, with a hint of faint blue flowers drifting, flawless and exquisite. Th-that's an ice jadeite with floating flowers."

"Oh my goodness!" Flynn also stepped closer. Despite being from the wealthy Knight family, this high-quality jade still astonished him.

Avril widened her eyes. "Dad, Mom, that looks like a real ice jadeite with floating flowers!

Daken and Mhairi also stood there, mouths agape in shock.novelbin

Avril gulped. "A piece of ice jadeite with floating flowers this big, how much is it worth?"

Bonnie thought for a moment and gave an estimate. "Probably worth 8.5 million." "8.5 million?!" Avril's jaw dropped, almost unable to speak.


Bonnie nodded calmly. "8.5 million is the lowest estimate. If it were auctioned, such high-quality ice jadeite with floating flowers might fetch over 15 million."

"Wow..." Avril gasped.

Now I finally understand how you've got so much money. With skills like yours, you deserve to be wealthy!"

Bonnie twitched her mouth slightly, wanting to say she didn't rely on this to get rich, but ultimately chose to remain silent.

Watching through the screen, Floyd was astonished, his jaw almost dropping. In his heart, he felt an intense admiration for Bonnie.

"Sir, Ms. Bonnie is amazing! Is she even human? She's probably a reincarnation of some great immortal."

Ivor gave Floyd a cold glance. "You're not much of a human yourself."

Floyd was startled, wanting to pinch himself. He had accidentally said the wrong thing in his excitement.

aha..."Ivor laughed. Looking at Bonnie's exquisite face on the screen, he was filled ith overflowing indulgence. "She is truly worthy of being my woman." Chapter 300


Hearing this, Floyd wanted to laugh sarcastically. He wasn't even sure if Ivor was worthy

of her.

Bonnie's gaze turned slightly chilly as she looked at Jesper. "It's time to fulfill the bet and eat the stone you chose earlier."

Jesper's face stiffened, hesitating momentarily before saying, "

brat, you

you just

gating, "You little

there's no

need to be so arrogant. Let's just forget about this."

"Forget about it? Who do you think you are? Am I supposed to let it go


just because you said so? You were the one who wanted to make the

bet." Bonnie's voice was indifferent.

"Y-You dare to be so disrespectful to me! You

Bonnie lost her patience completely. "Are you going to honor the bet or not?"

"I-"Damn it! Jesper cursed inwardly. With so many people watching, being pressured by this annoying brat, his dignity had long been trampled.

Avril cheered Bonnie on. "Hey! You're supposed to be a big shot in the industry,

yet your words hold no weight. Shame on you!"

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