How My Ex Became My Next

Chapter 285

Chapter 285

Chapter 285 “So there is only one room left for Mr. Moore.”

Vivian took out a room card from her bag and stared at Jackson’s face with charming eyes. Then she stuffed the room card into his hand.

Vivian winked at Jackson and said charmingly, “Mr. Moore, | live next door to you. You are welcome to come any time, and we can...” Before Jackson replied, Vivian twisted her buttocks and left.

Jackson glanced at the room card and threw it into the trash can without hesitation. He took out his phone and was about to call Gilda..

However, in the next second, Gilda showed up with her suitcase. When she saw Jackson, she abandoned her suitcase and threw herself into Jackson’s arms. She said in a trembling voice, “Jackson, there is a mouse. It's so big...

Gilda’s face turned pale in fright.

Her body was trembling.

Gilda looked like a frightened kitten. Jackson couldn't help smiling.

“You can stay with me tonight.”

Gilda nodded without hesitation.

Jackson comforted her, “It’s just a mouse. Don’t be afraid...”

Gilda whimpered and shook her head.

‘It's not just a mouse. It’s so big.”

As Gilda said, she left Jackson’s arms and found that Jackson’s room was so different from hers. Gilda wanted to cry.

“Jackson, you're privileged!”

“Well, the master bedroom is yours. I'll sleep on the sofa at night.”

Gilda nodded obediently and closed the door. Jackson gave her slippers and took her suitcase into the bedroom. As soon as Gilda lay on the bed, she relaxed.

“Wow, the big bed is so comfortable!” Gilda turned over and hugged a pillow. What should she do? She was reluctant to be separated from the bed for a moment.



Chapter 285

Gilda lay on the bed for a while and then went to take a shower with her pajamas in her hands.

After taking a shower, she was sleepy

Gilda yawned and came out of the bedroom with a hairdryer in her hand. Jackson was working on his laptop. Seeing Gilda, Jackson closed the laptop in his hand. He couldn't bear to see the sleepy Gilda.

He took the hairdryer from her hand.

“Lie down. I'll help you dry your hair.”

Gilda lay down with her head habitually resting on his thigh as if this was very ordinary.

Jackson dried Gilda’s hair gradually with the dryer. By the time it was dried, Gilda had already fallen asleep unknowingly. Then Jackson unplugged the hairdryer and put it aside quietly. He stared at her sleeping face softly.

He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

He murmured, “Have a good dream, Gilly! “Good night!”

The next day, when Gilda woke up, it was bright outside. Thesupstine |

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warm. Gilda opened the curtains. What a sunny day!

When Gilda got out of the bedroom, Jackson had already asked the F tel to brin breakfast Seding her get up, he wen tward and pulled her to the bathroom. “Wash your face and come over for breakfast,” The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read

the latest chapter there!

Gilda looked at herself in the mirror, blinked her eyes, and recall dwhat happened fast réghYgfaciua ly. She rdmembered that she took a shower, and dried her hair last night.... The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

But how did she get into the bedroom? 2/2




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