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Chapter 85

Chapter 85

Chapter 85 064% 12:19

Both Ryan and Hanna manipulated, through torture, her into believing she was a real monster who killed her own mother in cold blood.


She didn’t remember a single thing that happened that day and her father never let anyone find out the truth that she could use magic.

Only after seeing her memories, did she realize it was really an accident. And she came here to tell Hanna everything if things smoothened out between them.

Even though it wouldn’t right her mistake, she wanted to make Hanna understand the real reason. And the fact that Abby didn’t deserve such treatment from them.

But there was no chance for it now!


“For ten years, you tortured me for ten years, your younger sister, and you call me a monster?!?!” Abby continued when Hanna didn’t say anything for a long time.

Abby had enough of Hanna’s self righteous bulls hit! “You made my life a living hell, Hanna!” Abby couldn’t hold back the words once she started. She let out all her grievances, but she didn’t cry.

Her eyes moistened as if she would start crying at any moment now, but not even a single tear made it past her lashes as she willed them back.

Hanna loved seeing her cry. She told her that on several occasions. Her sister would always have this glint in her eyes when making her suffer, Abby could even recall having nightmares about it.

“| longed for your love and affection, but all | got was insults and more pain,” Abby blurted out, remembering the times Hanna insulted her just because Abby called her sister. “While father turned a blind eye to all of my suffering.”

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Chapter 85

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Hanna genuinely didn’t have a comeback profound enough to retort Abby when she put it like that. Seeing her fall silent even after she said so much, Abby could only shake her head.

Since Hanna couldn't think past her hatred, there was no use in herself trying to talk to her about it.

“Forget it. I’m not here to debate over who is right and wrong,” Abby said, wanting to change the topic. “What happened to Father? Where is he?”

Yen she

Even though she intended to smooth things over with her older sister before entering this room, everything changed after realizing Hanna would never be able to see herself as a sister again.

So the girl killed the tiny bit of hope that budded from this unexpected reunion in her heart, when it was clear Hanna wanted nothing to do with her.

On the other hand, Hanna gritted her teeth at her question. “What do you think?”

Abby looked a little confused at her words. “What do you mean?”

“I'm here. So where could he be?” Hanna said.

Abby couldn’t help but hold her breath, “.

you make him join the

rogues too?”

“It's the other way around.” Hanna clenched her hands as she spat out, “He was the one who suggested it.” Abby gasped at her answer.

“After your mate ordered for us to leave this kingdom, | don’t know what made him do it, but he went and joined the rogues. | followed in his footste

and here | am,” Hanna recounted, as if to blame this on Abby well. as

“Where is he?” Abby asked.

“| don’t know,” Hanna answered, sounding


Abby never expected them both to end up like this.

She thought if she closed her eyes and ears while Micah exiled them, that would be the end of it. They would leave the kingdom and they never had to see each other again.


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Chapter 85

064% 12:19


She could go on with her life thinking her family was just living somewhere really far away. But her father’s decision to join those rogues overthrew all her thoughts.

“Did he come to the battle with you?” Abby asked as she searched Hanna’a face for any lies. “Even | didn’t know | was coming to this battle myself,” Hanna said.

This answer made Abby fall deep in thought.

She tried asking a few more things and none of her answers gave her an idea how she ended up attacking a pack and killing so many of those people.

Abby could only drop the subject when Hanna started getting impatient.


“Are you here to interrogate me?” Hanna narrowed her eyes and Abby didn’t know what to say to her. “| really know nothing that could be useful to you,” Hanna fin disappointment.

said and Abby could only turn back in

“What are you going to do to me?” Hanna asked when Abby was almost out of the door.

“Why would | do anything to you?” Abby asked back, without turning around.

“Every single one of the rogues brought here were killed...” Hanna trailed off, her tone full of genuine fear. “You definitely don’t have positive feelings about me.”

Abby immediately understood what she meant. Hanna was implying that she got a chance to finally take revenge on her for all the pain she caused her.

“Hanna, | want to put everything with you and father behind me,” Abby could only say this, but Hanna still looked at her doubtfully.

“| wouldn’t have come to talk to you if | wanted to take your life,” Abby threw over her shoulder. “I hope this will be the last time we see each other, though.”

The detachment in her voice bothered Hanna a little, but she didn’t dwell on it as she chose to ignore it. “The feeling is mutual.” 3/8

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Chapter 85


And then she saw Abby walk out of the room without a single word as a reply.

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“Are you alright?” Micah rushed to Abby as soon as she shut the door behind her.

Abby only shook her head. “Let's leave first.”

Micah could feel the way her emotions fluctuated violently.

He immediately walked them back to their room.

Once inside, Abby hugged Micah tightly as she felt a little sad.

Micah could feel her emotions through their bond and realized Abby was trying to suppress her feelings. However, since she said she was fine, he could only let her sleep it off.

“How about you sleep first? We are leaving tomorrow, after all,” Micah suggested.

Abby took her time to prepare herself for her chat with Hanna, so she procrastinated until the night before their. departure.

So as to speak, they would be leaving for the capital the following day, where several people were waiting for an explanation from Micah.

“Hmm. What about you?” Abby couldn’t help but ask as she felt bad that Micah didn’t get a proper chance to rest since the day of the attack.

Even he was injured that day, but he silently endured it all, making all the healers and Mirella focus on herself while spending sleepless nights beside her, waiting for her to wake up.

Whenever she asked if he was really fine, he would just say one thing. “The royal blood flowing in my veins is no joke.”

But still Abby was worried about him when he couldn't get to rest for even one day.

“I'll join you shortly,” Micah told her as he coaxed her to sleep.


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Chapter 85

Abby knew she would only be wasting his time, if she insisted for him to take a rest with her.

064% 12:19


Because, he would only wait until she fell asleep to go and attend whatever needed his attention, cutting

own sleep.

So she had no choice but to shut up and go to bed, so that Micah could return early and get as much sleep could. on his



Two days later, before the sun could be seen gracing the h orizon, several royal warriors could be seen running toward the palace gates.

Following them were a few carriages. “Little one, we are here,” Micah whispered in her ear, as he coaxed her to wake up.

Abby immediately jumped to feet. If it were not for the King’s good reflexes, she would have bumped her head into the roof of the carriage.

Micah chuckled at her reaction.

She didn’t know when she fell asleep, because she felt so nervous throughout the whole journey back. But it seemed, sleep claimed her consciousness at some point after midnight and they were already entering the palace gates.

Once they reached the King’s tower, they could see Arthur waiting for them.

It wasn’t even dawn, but he was already up and excited.

It seemed he couldn't wait to chase her away anymore.

But that wasn’t the most surprising thing. There were two more people with him. One woman and one man.

The man looked like he held some important position in the palace.

On the other hand, the woman was someone Abby knew; Ruby, Micah’s childhood friend.

Ruby bowed to Micah and the man beside her nodded his head just like Arthur as the three greeted the King,


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Chapter 85

while completely ignoring Abby.

And this didn’t go unnoticed by Micah.

064% 12:19


First, his father was eager to separate his son from his own mate, now he was even expressing his stance in front of all the royal warriors that came back with them and the ones guarding around the palace.

He was already furious at them for wanting to break him and Abby apart, now he was beyond livid!

He felt like flipping the very carriage he came in on top of them when they dared to disrespect his mate so blatantly.

Abby sensed the way Micah’s anger hit the roof and Welgane om STE bishand % Go im from dbirlg something that could project them both in bad light. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!


If he did something to protect her, his incompetent mate, eeolreliontcag Arthur, again woud Chly give them more ammunition, which they could use against them. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

She didn’t want it. She wouldn't allow it. “Micah, I’m fine,” Abby whispered to him softly. “Please, calm down.”

Micah had to put conscious effort, so that he wouldn’t pummel Leon to death when he looked like he couldn’t wait to push his own daughter into his arms.

He could see right through him! Why else would he bring his daughter along? And this disgusted him so much he felt repulsive just at the sight of him and his cu nning smile.

He didn’t even spare either of them a second glance as he turned around to talk to his mate, who pulled his hand for his attention.

“| want to go and rest,” she said, choosing to leave immediately.

Micah could understand why she said that. So he didn’t object to it.

“Okay, leave with Alyssa first,” Micah said, nodding to his left, where Abby’s personal maid was already waiting.


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Chapter 85


064% 12.20

“Go back to sleep and I'll be back in no time.”

However, Abby couldn't help but search his eyes, as if wanting to remind him that he couldn't lose it before



“| know what I’m doing. Don’t worry,” Micah reassured her, giving her a small smile, albeit a tight one, to wash away her worries. He nudged her toward Alyssa and then waited there until she disappeared into the corridor leading to their

bedroom on the second floor, their floor.

Only then did he turn around to face the three who were still waiting for him in the main hall.

His face immediately turned blank and cold, as if the semblance of gentleness they saw earlier was all their imagination.

And when he walked toward them, he rushed in with such force, both Leon and Ruby doubted he was coming to attack them instead.

“My King...” They called, terrified as they stumbled back unconsciously.

Even then, they couldn't grab his attention as he swooped in real quick toward is father ve er whispered sbmiéthing in his ear. They could only hear bits and pieces. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

“We need to talk, but later,” Micah said at last, before standing upright just as Alan swooped in to fall in line behind him. “Call for an urgent meeting.” He told his royal beta. “In fifteen.”

His voice was so menacing while the look in his eyes was beyond unforgiving, Leon felt shivers run down his spine.

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