Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart

Chapter 137

Chapter 137

Chapter 137

Eveleen was taken aback by Natalia’s forthright declaration. She hadn’t expected such blunt honesty, and it visibly shook her. However, her expression quickly soured again as she noticed Hamilton’s face turning as cold as an Arctic chill after Natalia’s words.

Hamilton was clearly not pleased. The very notion of Natalia suggesting they separate seemed to cut through him like a knife through butter. He had no intention of letting her go, and Eveleen could see that.

“Eveleen, why don’t you head on back?” Hamilton’s voice was frosty, matching the iciness of his demeanor.

Eveleen’s face twisted in discomfort, but she chose to ignore Hamilton, her gaze still locked on Natalia. “Ms. Jenkins, | didn’t mean for any of this, I-”

“Get out!” Natalia cut her off, clearly having no patience for Eveleen’s charades. She fixed her with a steely look. “Or do you need me to call security? It wouldn’t be a pretty sight for a celebrity like you, Ms. Schafer, to be thrown out.”

Stunned, Eveleen’s eyes welled up with tears. She turned to Hamilton, a picture of misery. “Hamilton, | just came to clear the air about any misunderstanding with Ms. Jenkins, but look at her attitude!”

Hamilton’s face was stone. It wasn’t Natalia’s attitude that bothered him; it was the audacity of her words that infuriated him, and her casual mention of not needing him anymore.

He felt a fire brewing in his chest, the audacious suggestion that she could simply discard him. The power to stay or leave was never hers to wield.

“Didn't you hear me, Eveleen?” His gaze was icy as he turned to her. “Go back.” Eveleen fell silent, tears streaming down her face. Hamilton’s heart softened slightly at the sight. “Go on back now. There’s no need for explanations here.”

Eveleen knew when to quit while she was ahead. Her goal had been to rattle Natalia, and having achieved that, she saw no reason to linger.

Upon leaving the hospital room, Hamilton followed her out. Outside, Eveleen looked up at him with a mix of hurt and hope. “Hamilton, are you upset with me too? If it weren’t for me, Ms. Jenkins wouldn’t be in this mess.” Hamilton’s brows knitted together tightly. “Stop it with the nonsense.”

Eveleen’s eyes shimmered. “It’s my birthday today, Hamilton. Could you come by my room later? It’s been years since you celebrated with me. And, my forehead’s been hurting all day.”

He paused, remembering it was indeed her birthday,

“I'll drop by later,” he said, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Don’t worry about your forehead; I’ve arranged for a top plastic surgeon.”

Returning to Natalia’s room, Hamilton found her lying down with her eyes closed, signaling she didn’t want to talk. He watched her for a moment before speaking up. “Get up and eat something before you sleep.”

Without moving an inch, Natalia replied, “I’m not hungry,”

“Don’t play games with your health,” he said, his tone growing harsh, Natalia ignored him completely.

“| won't hesitate to get rough if | have to,” he warned.novelbin

She finally opened her eyes, her voice laced with sarcasm, “When have you ever been gentle with me, Mr. Fowler? After all, your tenderness seems reserved for Ms. Schafer alone.”

Asurge of anger rose in Hamilton. “If you think this will make me let you go, you’re wrong. | won’t release you, even if you starve.”

With that, he stormed out of the room.

Natalia sat up, her face pale. She knew Hamilton well enough; his reaction wasn’t surprising. She let out a bitter chuckle and exhaled deeply.

After Hamilton left, he instructed the doctor to keep Natalia on nutritional supplements if she refused to eat. Shortly after, Scarlett stormed into Natalia’s room, cursing under her breath about Eveleen’s shameless behavior.. “What's up?” Natalia asked, frowning at Scarlett’s frustration.

Scarlett grimaced and recounted, “Today, | was originally on duty, so | applied for a transfer to the duty shift. But that bitch kept asking me to pour water for her one moment, then peel fruits for her the next. I’m a doctor, not her caregiver. So, | said a few words, and she actually complained about me. Our boss just lectured me. It really pissed me off.".

Then she vented about Hamilton, “And that bastard Hamilton, you’re lying here because of him, and he still has the nerve to go celebrate Eveleen’s birthday. | really want to smash a cake on his head! Did he ever celebrate your birthday?”

Natalia just gave a wry smile, apologizing for dragging Scarlett into the mess.

Scarlett brushed it off, blaming the two “jerks” for their behavior and promising to set Natalia up with someone better once she was rid of Hamilton. With a cheeky wink, she handed Natalia some items she'd brought for her.

Aside from a few garments, a brand new smartphone, there was that contract Natalia had mentioned. 2/4


Natalia powered up her phone, logged into WhatsApp, and shot a message straight to Casplan Spiegel. (Mr. Spiegel, | could really use your help with something.)

It wasn’t long before her phone buzzed with a call from Caspian,

“Ms. Jenkins, what can | do for you?”

There was a moment of silence before Natalla spoke, “I’ve got this contract, and | need out. Could you take a look?” “Sure, send it over.”

Without hesitation, Natalia snapped pictures of the contract and sent them to Caspian.

Soon after, Caspian was on the line again. “Are you sure you want to terminate this contract?”

Asmall laugh escaped Natalia’s lips as she said, “Yes, I’m sure. No matter the cost.”

Caspian paused. “Well, I’m heading to Silkwood City tomorrow. Let’s meet and talk it out face—to-face.* *Sounds good.”

After hanging up, Natalia finally allowed herself a deep breath.

Scarlett, who had been watching her, couldn’t help but ask, “Are you sure about this? The cost of breaking this contract seems... steep.”

Natalia looked down and said, “It’s quite a sum.” The breach of contract alone was in the millions.

That was probably why Hamilton was so confident she wouldn't dare to break it.

But no matter what, she couldn't keep going on like this. In this relationship, she. ad tasted too" muah bitmas& and it had almost cost her life. She once thought he was the sugar in her life. In the end, he turned into her poison. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

She had given up. She wanted out. At any price.

“So, are you still going on a hunger strike?” Scarlett asked, “Why not just take it to court and drop the hunger strike? Your health is more important.”

Natalia chuckled, “Scarlett, do you have any idea how long a court case can take?” Scarlett pursed her lips, remaining silent.

Natalia continued, “Besides, | need to be prepared for anything.”

Chapter 137

After all, the little care Hamilton had for her might just be nonexistent.

When Hamilton returned, Natalia was Mel asleep. ie Neansieii sight of.the porceues ing on the nlgttstand, his expression as sour as if he'd bitten into a lemon. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

It was a while before he scoffed coldly, grabbed the porridge, and tossed it straight into the trash.

The next day, Natalia woke to find Hamilton had brought food. Still, she didn’t eat.

Just as Hamilton was about to speak, Caspian pushed the door open and walked in.

Hamilton’s brow furrowed instantly. “What are you doing here?”

Caspian’s gaze landed on Natalia, pale and fragile on the bed, and he felt an inexplicable heaviness in his chest.

Perhaps it was because she bore a striking resemblance to his sister Liliana Spiegel. Every time ea! NatalialWeCedutdin’ help but see his sister in her, and now, seeing her in such a weakened state, his discomfort grew. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

He let out a soft chuckle, his eyes settling on Hamilton. “Ms. Jenkins has asked me to represent her in a legal matter.” Hamilton’s frown deepened; he had an inkling of what this was about. Still, he asked, “What sort of legal matter?” Caspian produced the contract Natalia had sent him the night before and laid it in front of Hamilton.

“A termination agreement.”

Hamilton knew the contract all too well. His eyes narrowed as he turned to Natalia. “So, you’re that desperate to leave me, huh? To the point of taking me to court?”

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