Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

Chapter 163

Chapter 163

Chapter 163

The situation in the pack house was not really great, because they already heard about what happened when they looked for Aiden.

They were attacked!

It was still not sure who had attacked them, because the battle was still going on and right now Lilac could only stand in front of the door, staring at the entrance of the pack house, so she would know right away when Hunter

returned. She couldn't be calm and no matter what Gavin said, she didn't want to listen until she saw Hunter

with her own eyes that he was fine.

In the end, Gavin, Rye and the rest of the warriors, could only stand there by her side. Needless to say, they were also worried about their alpha.

Especially when the sun was almost set and the sky was painted in red color that reminded you of blood.

Lilac didn't budge from her spot and Rye was amazed of how she could do that. He tried to lighten up her mood and make a joke, but that was not the thing that Lilac needed right now.

And then she caught that scent. She was familiar with this scent because they were so close in the past and a second later, she caught her figure. She was standing not too far from her, looked a little bit fidgeting and when she was about to smile at Lilac, she simply looked at different direction.

It made her stomach churned to see Aria was there. She was the last person that she wanted to see at this moment when her mood had hit the bottom.

However, as if she couldn't get the cue, Aria instead walking toward Lilac and tried to make a small talk with her, but thankfully, Rye stepped forward and dealt with her before Lilac showed her anger.

"Lilac..." Aria called her, her voice was shaking, but Lilac ignored her completely, treating her like a wind. She was nothing in her eyes and she made sure she displayed the message clearly. "I know it will be hard for you to forgive me, but can we talk for a while? I will explain to you about everything."

Lilac didn't see there was the need to hear the explanation, thus she waved her hand, indicating for the warrior to take her away.

Aria was surprised by how cold Lilac was. She looked like someone else at this point, because Lilac from her


Emergency calls only Mu

Chapter 163

memories wouldn't turn her away without even a single glance.

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"Lilac! Lilac! Will you forget about everything that we have gone through!? You are like a sister to me, I know I am wrong, but can't you give me one more chance to redeem my mistake?" Aria still tried to fight against the warrior, but there was no way she could win that. They were warrior and what was important was; they were lycan. "Lilac! Forgive me! Give me second chance."

But, the lycan dragged her away faster and Rye could only shake his head and glance at their newly appointed luna. "Are you okay?" After all, Rye had learned that Aria was her childhood friend.

"I am fine."


Thankfully, they didn't need to wait for long, because when the sky had turned completely dark, the commotion sound in the distance finally ceased down and the information came flooding. They managed to make their intruder left the pack and now they were in pursue mode, where they would chase them into the forest.

"Where is Hunter?" Lilac asked immediately to the messenger. "Do you know what happened to him?"

But before he could answer that question, he suddenly nodded politely to the person who was standing behind Lilac.

"Looking for me?" Hunter's voice suddenly could be heard from behind her.

He was this close, but she couldn't smell his scent at all and when she turned around, she could understand why.

His body reeked of blood and this gave Lilac a fright, but Hunter immediately explained to her.

"Don't worry, this is not my blood." If this was not his blood, it meant, it was the enemy's blood. Just how many enemies that met their demise under his hand?

But, Lilac didn't want to talk about that, she was only glad to have her mate back, thus despite how dirty and the bloodstain on his body that could make you crinkled your nose, she threw herself at him and hugged him tightly without saying anything.

"And now you also got dirty," Hunter said helplessly. He couldn't help, but hugged her back.

Initially, he didn't intend to see her and wanted to wash himself first, but he saw her worried expression and


Emergency calls only

Chapter 163


064% 12:18


then overheard the question, thus he didn't want to prolong her suffering further

Rye, acted like a good gamma he was, dragged the other warriors to leave their luna and alpha and gave them some privacy.

"Now because you are gotten dirty too, let's take a bath together." Here, Hunter's

playful side came to the


Lilac wanted to ask what happened and who had attacked them, but she

swallowed back all the question down

her throat, because her question could wait.

The pack was in uproar because of

the attack and alpha, James was so busy to order his warriors around to heightened their guard. novelbin

Meanwhile, a few other people were injured, some were dead and then other alphas demanded to know what was going on and whether or not Aiden was part of it.

However, here they were, the alpha and the luna of the lycan pack, undressed

each other and dipped themselves under the tub.

Hunter was very careful with Lilac, as

he let her to rest her ba

chest after helthomask against his

cleaned her

and himself.

Lilac felt relax, her anxiety was thrown out of the window now her mate was close

to her again.

"What happened, Hunter? Did you know about this?"

Hunter's eyes turned dark. "No. I don't. But, they are definitely lycan."

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