The Billionaire's Secret Quartet

Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370

The ER doors slammed shut once again.

Thalassa paced the hallway outside, her legs shaking with anxiety, yet unable to stop her restless movement. The nurses had moved on to their other duties, leaving her alone with her worry.

Isabella stood off to the side, occasionally glancing at the bold “EMERGENCY” sign above the doors and then back at Thalassa, who was visibly shaken.

After a few minutes, Isabella’s patience wore thin. “Can’t you just sit down for a bit instead of pacing like that?” she snapped with a hint of irritation in her voice.

Thalassa turned to Isabella, tears in her eyes and her voice hoarse from sorrow. “You sit if you want. | can’t... | just can’t sit down,” she managed to say, her inner turmoil making it impossible to rest.

Isabella let out a huff, her voice laced with annoyance. “Your worrying isn’t going to change anything. We still have to wait for the doctor to give us the news. Might as well wait calmly than torture yourself like this.” She flopped down onto the nearest bench, crossing her arms defiantly.

Thalassa rasped, “It’s easy for you to wait because they aren’t your flesh and blood. You can be calm...” Inside the ER were her four children and their father. Any harm to any of them would be the end of her. Her loved ones were the cause of her ceaseless worry, a feeling an outsider like Isabella could never understand.

Isabella’s expression shifted as she scoffed. “Lysander? How is he your kin? Did he marr you? Are you his wife? You sure have a high opinion of yourself!”

Thalassa felt a sinking feeling at Isabella’s words and gave her a quick glance but said nothing more. As time ticked away, the ER doors remained closed, and Thalassa’s anxiety worsened.

Amid her growing panic, a disturbance echoed down the emergency corridor.

A formidable presence approached.

Thalassa turned instinctively and saw an elderly man with silver hair, tall and still commanding despite the years, flanked by a group of men in black suits.

His gaze was sharp, his demeanor grave.

It was Zephyr Sinclair!

Behind him followed David, Richard, alongside half a dozen bodyguards, all striding quickly toward the ER. Seeing this entourage, Thalassa’s already on-edge heart skipped a beat, her panic intensifying.


Zephyr, with the intensity of a hawk, made his ae asga acdO m stgppey, fis| ashes demanding, “How is Lysander?” Visit NovelDrama.Org to read the latest chapter of this novel

Concern and tension filled his pale eyes.

Thalassa’s voice trembled under his intimidating ara ete. he's ih? mM erOgetking emergency care.” Visit NovelDrama.Org to read the latest chapter of this novel

“Im asking about his condition! Don't

dodge the question!” Zephyr's voice

rose with anger. Zephyr BS eRe asfonditripréadion< of Thalassa.

o him, she was manipulative and deceitful. Not only had she bewitched Leopold into a reckless infatuation, but she was also the reason Leopold had lost his life! Visit NovelDrama.Org to read the latest

chapter of this novel

The Sinclair family had already lost one man to this woman, and now Lysander was in jeopardy because of her too!

Zephyr’s resentment was palpable, mixed with profound worry for Lysander.

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