I Am The Luna

Chapter 435

Chapter 0435

“Sure, let’s fill the ignorant in on the reality they’re so fucking blind to see,” I say quietly, unable to stop myself.

Want to fucking play, then let’s play.

I glance back at Sebastian, my own eyes blazing, and he frowns deeply.

“You’re an Alpha…” he says suddenly, making the whispering stop.

I walk over to the table and take a seat, pulling out the one beside me and waiting for Valerie to take it. My eyes remain on Sebastian as Valerie takes her seat beside me.

“Always was. So, how about we get down to business, or is running your mouth all you are fucking good for?”

Irritation flashes through Sebastian’s eyes as Zaia murmurs something in his ear, trying to tame the so– called beast as everyone sits down. He really is a fucking animal if he can’t rein in his fucking emotions.

“After removing that tracker, we are surprised you have returned,” someone says, lowering their head politely. Clearly holding a level of fear of me.

“I’m not some animal that will remain in a cage unless I wanna be there,” I reply. novelbin

“Well, shall we get to business?” Zaia says, her voice clear and firm and although it’s soft, the room falls silent. “Thank you Alpha Zade and Luna Valerie for coming here…” she pauses, her eyes sparkling with some weird emotion as she looks at her friend, smiling at her. “Congratulations on your new pack,” she adds.

“Thank you,” Valerie answers, blushing lightly.

Atticus smiles at Valerie and although I don’t like them, I’m glad she has others in her corner too. Because she does need that and that’s why I’ll try to fucking tolerate their entitled asses.

“Getting down to business. As everyone knows, we are here to discuss the worrying reports. we have heard about hunters,” Zaia says, now looking around at everyone.

“And they are not just rumours,” Atticus adds, his smile now gone. “I have seen two of their victims firsthand. These so–called hunters are deadly and they know what they are doing. The injuries to those women are inhumane.”



Valerie’s heart skips a beat and although I don’t react, I wonder when Atticus saw those injuries, or is he just lying? Sure, his doctors were working on Ada and he had access to the reports, but Adriana? He wasn’t even in that room for long.

Adriana’s words from earlier, return.

Would he really enter someone’s room in the middle of the night? And if so, why?

“Alpha Zade, I believe you and Luna Valerie have information that we could use,” Zaia says politely, drawing me from my thoughts.

“We do, I just hope you have a strong stomach for this,” I remark, taking the memory stick from my pocket and flicking it towards her. She stops it with two fingers and passes it to Sebastian, who has a laptop in front of him.

“If these concerns are as bad as you say… then-

“Before viewing that file, I want to say a few words,” Valerie says suddenly, glancing at me.

“Go ahead,” Sebastian answers, and everyone at the table looks at her.

She takes a deep breath, and I place my hand on her thigh, giving it a squeeze. Our eyes meet as I hope that she can feel some strength and peace through the bond, her pounding heart giving away how she is feeling.

She turns to the table, squaring her shoulders before she begins. “I want to share my own experience, the nightmare that started when I first moved away to spend a little time in a town far from here. Something that should have been pleasant and heartwarming.became a nightmare. One where I was never sure if someone would try to kill me every night. Not knowing what would be around the next corner…”

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